Typography is probably not something that you think about every day. For those of you with businesses or looking to create unique, eye-catching material then typography is definitely something you need to consider. The right font can make a huge impact on how your message is perceived and who it appeals to. So let’s take a look at the history of typography and how you can better implement it in your projects.

Font and Why it Matters


The origins of typography go back to the beginning of human communication. Things like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics are some of the earliest forms of how we write. Typography really took off when the printing press was invented. Beforehand, scribes would flourish their writing with their own touches. The switch to printing took away some of the uniqueness. That all started to change eventually and now we’ve come the golden age of amazing typography.

Why it Matters

Now you’re probably wondering how exactly typography is going to make an impact in what you do. For starts, studies have shown that different fonts have a profound impact on how a message is processed and received. Just like how images represent different things, in essence, lettering is just images in code. You wouldn’t wear a suit to a pool party, the same principle applies to choose your fonts. Let’s get into how to pick one.

Picking the Font

There are countless fonts out there. Picking the right one for you can be overwhelming. It’s important to first decide what your font is going to be used for. Things are going to be different for those using fonts on a takeout box vs. what a law firm might utilize.

Start by brainstorming the message you want to convey. Is it something elegant, fun, striking, or serious? Whatever it is, look for what fonts evoke those feelings in you. Take into account the complexity of these fonts as well. They should work to inform your opinions about what they’ll be best for.


One crucial thing to consider when choosing a font is functionality. We get so wrapped up in how cool the design is that it can be easy to forget that your message has to be visually accessible. The font you choose has to be readable and effectively portray what you’re doing. If people can understand what your sign is saying as they drive by or they have trouble focusing on what you’re trying to tell them when they read your add, then you’ve missed the whole point of choosing a font.


While it’s natural to spend most of your time crafting images and colors for your signs, ads, and projects, it’s important that you start to consider font and typography as well. When it comes to making your message standout don’t forget to trust the experts at We are Signs & Awnings!