Signs are meant to be seen. Unfortunately, everyone else has that exact same goal. When people are driving and looking at stores, there’s a sign overload. Distinguishing signs from each other isn’t easy, especially when major brands are already capturing customers’ attention with their immediate brand recognition. So, how do you put your sign right in their focus? Color! That’s right: the colors you choose can have a huge impact on what the human eye is drawn to. Which colors are best? Read on to find out!


Blue is the most popular color for a reason. The color blue conveys trustworthiness and authority. When you use it for your signs, you’re sending out the message that you’re an authority in the field. When using blue, one thing to keep in mind is what shade of blue you’re using. While navy blue is obviously a great color, it’s a little too dark for your attention-grabbing goals. Stick to a color like ultramarine. For added results, pair it with a complementary color to really make them both pop!


Red is power in color form. More than any other color, red immediately grabs your attention. In the primal recesses of our brain, red strikes a chord. It’s been an attention-grabbing color since the beginning of time. Therefore, it’s a great choice for your sign. Be careful though: red is a strong color. Overdoing red can have some negative side effects. The downside of too much red is that it can make people feel anxious and even convey danger. So, use it within reason.


Green is the most versatile color out there. It’s the color of peace and often creates pleasant feelings in those looking at it. Better yet, green is the color of health and nature. For health brands or those trying to get the attention of a more health-conscious clientele, it’d be smart to include green in your sign. Lastly, green is the color of money, so for those with financial businesses, it’s a great choice as well.

Choosing the right color can make all the difference in your sign or awning. Don’t let you sign get lost in the crowd. Understand what message you want to convey and choose the right color for you!