Summer is here and the awnings are out to play! With the warm weather in full effect, making the most of your awning is in the best interest for everyone at your home. Whether you are getting ready to BBQ all season long, or simply want to add some new life to your outdoor living space, our blog has the tips you need to take advantage of your awning during the summer.

Inspect Your Awning

Before the backyard fun begins, you need to make sure your awning is in good condition. The rough winter temperatures can significantly affect your awning. Make sure to clean away any debris that has collected and wash away any dirt by hosing it down. During your inspection, examine the fabric for any rips and tears, it is better to deal with a small tear that can be easily fixed now, rather than a bigger cost in the long run. Take some time to inspect the awnings frame and sturdiness. If you notice any damages during your inspection give the professionals here at We Are Signs & Awnings a call!

Beat the Heat

Your awning is here to protect you and your living space from high temperatures, but it should not have to deal with any extra heat. If you are grilling, we recommend that it is not done under an awning. The excessive heat and smoke that comes from a grill can seriously damage the fabric of your investment. Save some money on preventable repairs by keeping the hot smoke and fire at a distance.


Enjoy the warm summer days under your well-maintained awning! Now that you have taken the time to properly examine it, you can begin to make the most of its use this season and for many more summers to come! Let the gatherings begin. You have a perfectly shaded space, now all you need is that comfy furniture, your best mates and some refreshing drinks to make your summer as enjoyable as can be. Our business is here to help you enhance your outdoor living space with one of our custom-made residential awnings. If you would like to see our options, feel free to visit our website.