Whether you use it to shield your house guests from the sun outside or invite prospective customers into your budding business, your custom awning is an inseparable part of your residential or commercial property. And just like any other important fixture in your building, your awning requires its fair share of attention and cleaning. But you can’t necessarily just hop up there and go to town with your vacuum now can you? Indeed, your awning calls for specialized attention. So where is one to start?

Fortunately enough, there are quite a few ways to ensure your awning remains in immaculate shape. All it takes is a little time, a routine schedule, and simple cleaning supplies! Read on for an abridged rundown of what you can expect when looking to clean off your property’s awnings!


The debris your awning protects you from doesn’t simply disappear. And while they may remain out of sight and out of mind, the branches, dirt, and cobwebs that remain on your awning or canopy can actually cause grime and stains to set in if they aren’t promptly removed. Fortunately, a simple routine brushing once a week can serve as the perfect check to this problem!

Be sure to use a soft bristle brush with an extendable handle to avoid damaging your awning and exerting extra stretching to reach those trouble spots. See if you can spot yourself an RV awning brush as these can deliver the reach and soft touch your canopy needs.


Much like flossing exists as the perfect complement to brushing to really flush out the bacteria in your teeth, a simple hosing down of your awning can help knock down all of the debris your brushing missed! Smaller and harder to reach particles can actually be rubbed deeper into your awning if you simply brush so be sure to follow up every brushing with a simple rinse down that will dislodge those peskier pieces of debris.


To some, the news that their awning calls for regular care can be a bit of a shock. More often than not, we’ve seen neglected awnings and canopies whose surfaces are absolutely caked with branches, stains, grime, and just about every other natural debris you can point a finger at. Of course, with these more severe cases, your average brush and rinse won’t do! You’re going to need a deeper clean to really wipe off those stains and revert that awning to its former glory. That’s where a deep wash can save the day!

Luckily enough, the process is rather easy. Start by mixing a batch of regular water in a bucket with a mild dish soap of your choice. Using your hose, wet your awning and then begin gently scrubbing the awning down with your dishwater solution. Once you’re confident you’ve reached every nook and cranny, rinse down the awning one last time and you’re bound to be blown away by just how clean that previously rancid fixture now looks! As a final precaution, let your awning dry completely before folding it away so mold and mildew aren’t given a chance to grow.


More often than not, your awning is going to be at the forefront of your store or in plain sight in your yard as you host guests and customers. The last thing any property owner wants is for the face of their building to invite any thoughts other than those of cleanliness and sanitation. Be sure to keep these cleaning processes we mentioned above and always leave your property looking its absolute best!