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A Breakdown of Channel Letter Signs

From different fonts and colors to innovative placement sites, there are a number of creative ways you can set aside your business’ signs from the rest of the competition. Channel letters are just one more method of infusing the same charm and personality to commercial signage. And, if streets upon streets of brightly illuminated storefronts are any indicator, they’re a rather popular method to boot! But what exactly goes into crafting these innovative and eye catching accouterments? That’s precisely what we plan on breaking down today! Take some time to really understand the basics of channel letters and ensure the next sign you buy is one that you can be proud of!

The Components

Naturally, knowing what to expect when it comes to the individual building blocks that make up your channel letters can do a world of good when it comes to both finding a well-priced installer and troubleshooting any breakdowns or malfunctions. With that in mind, we start with the channel letter’s “face”, the forward facing plane of the fixture, usually constructed of acrylic sheeting.

From there, we have the “trim cap”. This is the mechanism used to attach the acrylic face to the channel letter’s body. It’s made of a UV-stable and incredibly durable plastic that uses a liquid bonding agent to connect with the rest of the letter.

The side of your channel letters is called the “return” and its depth can be determined by a number of different variables. These can include your specific sign requirements, your lease agreement, or even the laws of the area in which you do business. Be sure to keep an eye on any ordinances that could hold sway over how long you can make the return of your channel letter signs. Not doing so can cost you a pretty penny in re-fabrication and repair.

And last but not least, we have what makes channel letter signs stand the test of time, the light source. Currently, nearly all illuminated letter signs are made using LED fixtures that are noticeably energy efficient when compared to older neon illumination alternatives.

Things to Look Out For

We already mentioned above one of the more common issues to avoid is investing in a sign that doesn’t meet your city’s regulatory laws and restrictions. Of course, there’s more to keep an eye out for when taking that next step in your business’ advertisement. Thankfully, most of these can simply be boiled down to simply future-proofing your sign.

While many may be intimidated by the seemingly steep cost of a channel letter sign, their main draw comes from the fact that, once they’re installed, they hardly cost a thing to maintain! That being said, the best way to make the most out of your investment is to ensure the sign you buy is one you’ll be happy with for years to come. Take the time to really settle down on a logo or font you can see yourself sticking to for a while. Also be sure not to skimp out on quality. Putting up the capital now for efficient lighting and acrylics can ensure you don’t face unexpected malfunctions in the near future.


It’s never ill-advised to put some time and money towards proper advertising for your business. After all, the brand and logo you nurture now is what’s going to stick in the minds of your audience for years! Keep what we mentioned above in mind and break ground on an awe-inspiring sign that launches your company into the modern age!

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  1. It’s great that this article explains how channel letters can add charm and personality to a sign and that you mention choosing a good installer. When choosing one, it might help to go online so you can research local companies to find one that offers custom channel letters. This could help you find one that is able to provide the look and style you want for your business and ensure it’s properly installed so it will look great and last a long time.

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