Every small business owner dreams of having a recognizable store front. It can take work to get potential customers familiar with what you have to offer. With tons of surrounding stores, it can seem hard to compete. Regular signs can be a sufficient way to advertise, but designing a sign that isn’t played out can be a challenge. Now, you might be wondering what an authentic way to attract customers is. The answer: flags! In this blog we will discuss how advertising with a flag can increase the traffic flow to your business.


Flags are a cost effective way to advertise your business. Flashy signs require electricity which can reflect in your electric bill. A flag, once created and displayed, only produces income. Many businesses today will spend endless amounts of money in advertising efforts. A flag will do the exact same job but for only half the cost!


Convenience is a huge attraction for people; flags are exactly that. Many advertising methods are rigid; signs must be installed, newspapers can’t be unprinted, and commercials have set runtimes. Flags are easily manipulated to fit your specific needs. They are easily set up, easily adjusted, and easily stored. You fully control the ways in which the flag is advertising your business.


Flags are easily moved from place to place; this is what makes them so versatile. One day they can advertise a specific section of your store and the next day they can be used at a promotional event. Another great feature is that the flag structure is set. Since the price of a flag is so cost effective you can purchase multiple designs for different purposes.


Coming up with innovative ways to increase the foot traffic in your business can be challenging. Despite all the over-the-top methods of advertising, we believe a flag is the most beneficial approach. Whether it be the cost, adjustability, or multipurpose nature of flags, they can bring your store front to life. We Are Signs & Awnings, Inc. invites you to browse through our creative and customizable flag options for your business! Potential customers won’t be able to help but indulge on their curiosity.