Many business owners simply ignore the significance of well-designed signage. The signage you display needs to grab the consumer and draw them in to your establishment. The fact is, signs that are designed with the consumer in mind will always drive them towards your business. It wasn’t until recently that businesses began to see the importance of an attention grabbing sign. In fact, according to a survey by FedEx Office, 64% of the surveyed small business owners believed that well designed signage is a good advertising technique. Here are some key tips to create signs that draw people in to your business on impulse.

Colors That Pop

The colors you choose for your signage will play a key role in creating a memorable design. Think of well-known brands such as McDonalds and Coca-Cola. With Coca-Cola, we have a specific red that we always associate with them, and who could forget the beautiful yellow of McDonald’s golden arches. You want something you can associate with your specific business. Keep in mind that bright colors catch the eye while trendy colors will just make you blend into the crowd. We recommend using the psychology of color as a basis to your choice.


Your businesses signage will need to compete for the attention of the consumer. The message of your sign needs to be seen in one glance. If you need a surefire way to draw in customers, you need to create a contrast in design. When signage design brings two elements together, it will create a contrasting effect. When your signage is lacking color or too dim, it will create an opposite effect and, in-turn, push consumers away from your business.

Large Letters

You always want your business signage to be as visible and clear as possible. Regardless of the distance the consumer is to your sign, it needs to really pop enough for them to see. A rule of thumb that you should always use, is to increase letter height by an inch for every 10ft of distance. That means if you want your sign to be fully visible from 100ft away, its letters should be 10 inches tall.

Your signage plays an important role in the flow of traffic to your business. Proper signage is a great marketing strategy that shouldn’t be ignored. If you need a sign that will really make customers say “Wow!” get in touch with our team of professionals at We Are Signs & Awnings. You won’t be disappointed!