A company that goes out of their way to best accommodate its customers is a company that you should trust and support. It isn’t ideal to leave your house during snowy or stormy conditions, but it is inevitable to happen if you have a job or go to school. The holiday season also requires you to get out, enjoy the twinkling lights in the festive spirit. Do not panic because you will not freeze while you do your holiday shopping, There are companies out there that take the extra steps to welcome you in!

Roomy Vestibules

A restaurant owner can’t help speed up the line of hungry customers when there are no tables available to seat guests. When one is dealing with hungry and freezing customers, we start to think of any possible solution to accommodate them in the dining space we are given, like adding a table next to the supply closet. We also have to remember that there are rules regarding fire hazards that all property owners must abide by.

How can you best accommodate your customers? With vestibules, of course! The roomier the better so you can better utilize the space in front of your restaurant that would normally accommodate guests waiting to be seated. They are durable, long-lasting, and best of all, protect the freezing cold breeze from getting in.

Long Canopies

It’s nice to see that a restaurant has a roomy vestibule to shelter guests from the climate, but where is one supposed to stand when it rains or snows? As a company owner, you should provide shelter for your customers to feel warm and welcomed, rather than having to be forced to turn around and leave to find protection somewhere else.

With long canopies, you allow a longer roof over the sidewalks where customers wait to be called in. There is no doubt that people would rather dine elsewhere if there is no place for them to stand in a rain-free zone.

Illuminated Signs

Investing in a sign is investing in the easiest and most practical marketing tool available. Let people know where you are located by showcasing your name and logo. During the winter, it is a possibility to have your sign covered by the snow or fogged over by the dark of the storm clouds.

Illuminated signs are the perfect way to take your business to the next level. There will never be a complaint that your company is too hard to find because the lights will illuminate the streets. They are also festive for the holidays!


There’s no need to spend all of your winter evenings stuck at home because there are companies out there waiting for your arrival. They will accommodate you with extra heated seating inside their roomy vestibules, provide shelter from the rain under their long canopies, all with an illuminating welcoming sign!