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How to Engage Your Customer’s Lizard Brain

Have you ever wondered why certain marketing campaigns are inherently more engaging and alluring than others? Regardless of how simplistic an ad may appear to be, successful marketing takes a lot of thought and deliberation to create material that drives people to buy a product.

Researchers have found through psychological and neurological testing that the fastest and most powerful way to reach consumers is by creating content that triggers the reptilian region of their brain. This part of the brain, the medulla oblongata, and cerebellum is responsible for basic bodily functions like sex drive, breathing, heartbeat, body temperature, and more. This reptilian region acts as a gatekeeper to the brains attention-grabbing and decision making processes.

A good advertisement can communicate more directly to this region and give you an advantage in capturing your audience’s attention. The following are a few ways to trigger your prospective customer’s inner reptile.

Pain Bad, Pleasure Good

One way to immediately make someone pay attention is to appeal to their innate avoidance of painful situations. Point out to someone how a certain task is going to make them uncomfortable or experience irritation, and they’re more likely to listen and obey. The reptile brain is concerned with pain avoidance at any cost. For example, an ad campaign for a grocery delivery service might exploit one’s annoyance at the thought of going to the grocery store, waiting through lines, and dealing with less-than-friendly cashiers. The delivery service bypasses all of that frustration with a few easy steps on your smartphone. You can see how this appeals to the customer’s painful thoughts of going to the grocery store, with the prospect of avoiding it all by using a convenient app.

Appeals to Selfishness

Another strategy in getting a person’s attention is by bringing up their favorite subject: themselves. By appealing to one’s instinct for immediate satisfaction and self-preservation, you let the reptile brain know what you’re going to do for it, and you have a better chance of not only gaining its attention but also its blind obedience. A few ways to accomplish this is to apply the word “you” in your signage or advertising. You can also apply perspective in your ad, making the customer’s point of view the centerpiece of the image. This helps make the customer identify with the ad and speeds up their decision-making process.

Show Straightforward Value

Have you ever met a lizard with a big vocabulary? Of course not. The lizard mind knows only a few words at best, so with this in mind, you should use the reptilian brain’s short attention span to your advantage. If the message of your ad can be distilled into a few words and a straight-forward image, even better. Images that convey a concrete and straightforward value will minimize skepticism from the prospective client and will get you a fast-track to their attention. 


While humans like to pretend they are highly civilized and reasonable, we are still governed by the same primeval instincts you can find in a common reptile. When designing your advertisement, keep in mind that people are subconsciously responding to their inner lizard impulses, and make your ad as straightforward and concise as possible. When you finally decide on your message, contact We Are Signs and Awnings and we’ll bring your ideas to life!

Understanding Typography

Typography is probably not something that you think about every day. For those of you with businesses or looking to create unique, eye-catching material then typography is definitely something you need to consider. The right font can make a huge impact on how your message is perceived and who it appeals to. So let’s take a look at the history of typography and how you can better implement it in your projects.

Font and Why it Matters


The origins of typography go back to the beginning of human communication. Things like the Egyptian Hieroglyphics are some of the earliest forms of how we write. Typography really took off when the printing press was invented. Beforehand, scribes would flourish their writing with their own touches. The switch to printing took away some of the uniqueness. That all started to change eventually and now we’ve come the golden age of amazing typography.

Why it Matters

Now you’re probably wondering how exactly typography is going to make an impact in what you do. For starts, studies have shown that different fonts have a profound impact on how a message is processed and received. Just like how images represent different things, in essence, lettering is just images in code. You wouldn’t wear a suit to a pool party, the same principle applies to choose your fonts. Let’s get into how to pick one.

Picking the Font

There are countless fonts out there. Picking the right one for you can be overwhelming. It’s important to first decide what your font is going to be used for. Things are going to be different for those using fonts on a takeout box vs. what a law firm might utilize.

Start by brainstorming the message you want to convey. Is it something elegant, fun, striking, or serious? Whatever it is, look for what fonts evoke those feelings in you. Take into account the complexity of these fonts as well. They should work to inform your opinions about what they’ll be best for.


One crucial thing to consider when choosing a font is functionality. We get so wrapped up in how cool the design is that it can be easy to forget that your message has to be visually accessible. The font you choose has to be readable and effectively portray what you’re doing. If people can understand what your sign is saying as they drive by or they have trouble focusing on what you’re trying to tell them when they read your add, then you’ve missed the whole point of choosing a font.


While it’s natural to spend most of your time crafting images and colors for your signs, ads, and projects, it’s important that you start to consider font and typography as well. When it comes to making your message standout don’t forget to trust the experts at We are Signs & Awnings!

Business Flags

Every small business owner dreams of having a recognizable store front. It can take work to get potential customers familiar with what you have to offer. With tons of surrounding stores, it can seem hard to compete. Regular signs can be a sufficient way to advertise, but designing a sign that isn’t played out can be a challenge. Now, you might be wondering what an authentic way to attract customers is. The answer: flags! In this blog we will discuss how advertising with a flag can increase the traffic flow to your business.


Flags are a cost effective way to advertise your business. Flashy signs require electricity which can reflect in your electric bill. A flag, once created and displayed, only produces income. Many businesses today will spend endless amounts of money in advertising efforts. A flag will do the exact same job but for only half the cost!


Convenience is a huge attraction for people; flags are exactly that. Many advertising methods are rigid; signs must be installed, newspapers can’t be unprinted, and commercials have set runtimes. Flags are easily manipulated to fit your specific needs. They are easily set up, easily adjusted, and easily stored. You fully control the ways in which the flag is advertising your business.


Flags are easily moved from place to place; this is what makes them so versatile. One day they can advertise a specific section of your store and the next day they can be used at a promotional event. Another great feature is that the flag structure is set. Since the price of a flag is so cost effective you can purchase multiple designs for different purposes.


Coming up with innovative ways to increase the foot traffic in your business can be challenging. Despite all the over-the-top methods of advertising, we believe a flag is the most beneficial approach. Whether it be the cost, adjustability, or multipurpose nature of flags, they can bring your store front to life. We Are Signs & Awnings, Inc. invites you to browse through our creative and customizable flag options for your business! Potential customers won’t be able to help but indulge on their curiosity.

Let Your Signs Be Seen: What Colors to Choose

Signs are meant to be seen. Unfortunately, everyone else has that exact same goal. When people are driving and looking at stores, there’s a sign overload. Distinguishing signs from each other isn’t easy, especially when major brands are already capturing customers’ attention with their immediate brand recognition. So, how do you put your sign right in their focus? Color! That’s right: the colors you choose can have a huge impact on what the human eye is drawn to. Which colors are best? Read on to find out!


Blue is the most popular color for a reason. The color blue conveys trustworthiness and authority. When you use it for your signs, you’re sending out the message that you’re an authority in the field. When using blue, one thing to keep in mind is what shade of blue you’re using. While navy blue is obviously a great color, it’s a little too dark for your attention-grabbing goals. Stick to a color like ultramarine. For added results, pair it with a complementary color to really make them both pop!


Red is power in color form. More than any other color, red immediately grabs your attention. In the primal recesses of our brain, red strikes a chord. It’s been an attention-grabbing color since the beginning of time. Therefore, it’s a great choice for your sign. Be careful though: red is a strong color. Overdoing red can have some negative side effects. The downside of too much red is that it can make people feel anxious and even convey danger. So, use it within reason.


Green is the most versatile color out there. It’s the color of peace and often creates pleasant feelings in those looking at it. Better yet, green is the color of health and nature. For health brands or those trying to get the attention of a more health-conscious clientele, it’d be smart to include green in your sign. Lastly, green is the color of money, so for those with financial businesses, it’s a great choice as well.

Choosing the right color can make all the difference in your sign or awning. Don’t let you sign get lost in the crowd. Understand what message you want to convey and choose the right color for you!

3 Signs That a Store Is Winter-Friendly

A company that goes out of their way to best accommodate its customers is a company that you should trust and support. It isn’t ideal to leave your house during snowy or stormy conditions, but it is inevitable to happen if you have a job or go to school. The holiday season also requires you to get out, enjoy the twinkling lights in the festive spirit. Do not panic because you will not freeze while you do your holiday shopping, There are companies out there that take the extra steps to welcome you in!

Roomy Vestibules

A restaurant owner can’t help speed up the line of hungry customers when there are no tables available to seat guests. When one is dealing with hungry and freezing customers, we start to think of any possible solution to accommodate them in the dining space we are given, like adding a table next to the supply closet. We also have to remember that there are rules regarding fire hazards that all property owners must abide by.

How can you best accommodate your customers? With vestibules, of course! The roomier the better so you can better utilize the space in front of your restaurant that would normally accommodate guests waiting to be seated. They are durable, long-lasting, and best of all, protect the freezing cold breeze from getting in.

Long Canopies

It’s nice to see that a restaurant has a roomy vestibule to shelter guests from the climate, but where is one supposed to stand when it rains or snows? As a company owner, you should provide shelter for your customers to feel warm and welcomed, rather than having to be forced to turn around and leave to find protection somewhere else.

With long canopies, you allow a longer roof over the sidewalks where customers wait to be called in. There is no doubt that people would rather dine elsewhere if there is no place for them to stand in a rain-free zone.

Illuminated Signs

Investing in a sign is investing in the easiest and most practical marketing tool available. Let people know where you are located by showcasing your name and logo. During the winter, it is a possibility to have your sign covered by the snow or fogged over by the dark of the storm clouds.

Illuminated signs are the perfect way to take your business to the next level. There will never be a complaint that your company is too hard to find because the lights will illuminate the streets. They are also festive for the holidays!


There’s no need to spend all of your winter evenings stuck at home because there are companies out there waiting for your arrival. They will accommodate you with extra heated seating inside their roomy vestibules, provide shelter from the rain under their long canopies, all with an illuminating welcoming sign!

How Vestibules Serve Businesses in the Colder Months

So the autumn season is finally upon us. After dealing with a particularly difficult summer where record-high temperatures were the norm, it’s nice that we can finally settle things down with lower temperatures that can allow us to breathe something other than boiling air.

However, with the changing of the seasons comes the realization that we will need to put away our hot weather clothes and grab that jacket and a nice pair of jeans to help us endure the lower mercury levels.

The Peak of Hospitability

But how about when you head out with friends or your significant other to grab a bite to eat from your favorite restaurant? There’s one feature you may encounter that you will instantly appreciate in this scenario during this time of year when you cross that threshold – the existence of an enclosed foyer with a nice heater blasting warm air on your party while you wait to be seated!

The Benefits of a Vestibule Are Nearly Limitless

There’s a lot to say regarding how hospitable it is when you find an establishment willing to invest in this very welcoming structure. After all, it serves as an airlock between the harsh elements of the outdoors and the inviting warmth inside. You’ll be happy knowing you won’t have to put up with the brutal nature of the other side – at least for the time being as you enjoy your meal or other indoor activity.

More than that, it also avoids having gusts of wind blow up every time the entrance doors are opened, casting a bitter chill over the nearby occupants. They’re a bit like an airlock on a space station or a submarine where there’s a door to the outside followed by a door to the inside.

Keeping Things Simple

The best part of vestibules is how simple they are in terms of construction. For the most part, these simple pieces of architecture are made of plastic, acrylic, and vinyl laid over a sturdy steel frame with a spring-operated door.

Not only does this make them rather straightforward in terms of assembly, but when spring arrives and the temperature starts to rise up once again, you can stow it away until autumn arrives once again! There’s something to be said about having a framework that provides functionality, affordability (compared to a full-scale renovation), and aesthetical benefits.

Providing warmth during the cooler months is a vital part of hospitality, and a vestibule goes a long way in taking care of a concern that can often become overlooked. For all these reasons and more, if you run a business that serves guests, you should strongly consider speaking to a company that specializes in vestibules to learn more about how best they can serve you and your customers’ needs!

A Breakdown of Channel Letter Signs

From different fonts and colors to innovative placement sites, there are a number of creative ways you can set aside your business’ signs from the rest of the competition. Channel letters are just one more method of infusing the same charm and personality to commercial signage. And, if streets upon streets of brightly illuminated storefronts are any indicator, they’re a rather popular method to boot! But what exactly goes into crafting these innovative and eye catching accouterments? That’s precisely what we plan on breaking down today! Take some time to really understand the basics of channel letters and ensure the next sign you buy is one that you can be proud of!

The Components

Naturally, knowing what to expect when it comes to the individual building blocks that make up your channel letters can do a world of good when it comes to both finding a well-priced installer and troubleshooting any breakdowns or malfunctions. With that in mind, we start with the channel letter’s “face”, the forward facing plane of the fixture, usually constructed of acrylic sheeting.

From there, we have the “trim cap”. This is the mechanism used to attach the acrylic face to the channel letter’s body. It’s made of a UV-stable and incredibly durable plastic that uses a liquid bonding agent to connect with the rest of the letter.

The side of your channel letters is called the “return” and its depth can be determined by a number of different variables. These can include your specific sign requirements, your lease agreement, or even the laws of the area in which you do business. Be sure to keep an eye on any ordinances that could hold sway over how long you can make the return of your channel letter signs. Not doing so can cost you a pretty penny in re-fabrication and repair.

And last but not least, we have what makes channel letter signs stand the test of time, the light source. Currently, nearly all illuminated letter signs are made using LED fixtures that are noticeably energy efficient when compared to older neon illumination alternatives.

Things to Look Out For

We already mentioned above one of the more common issues to avoid is investing in a sign that doesn’t meet your city’s regulatory laws and restrictions. Of course, there’s more to keep an eye out for when taking that next step in your business’ advertisement. Thankfully, most of these can simply be boiled down to simply future-proofing your sign.

While many may be intimidated by the seemingly steep cost of a channel letter sign, their main draw comes from the fact that, once they’re installed, they hardly cost a thing to maintain! That being said, the best way to make the most out of your investment is to ensure the sign you buy is one you’ll be happy with for years to come. Take the time to really settle down on a logo or font you can see yourself sticking to for a while. Also be sure not to skimp out on quality. Putting up the capital now for efficient lighting and acrylics can ensure you don’t face unexpected malfunctions in the near future.


It’s never ill-advised to put some time and money towards proper advertising for your business. After all, the brand and logo you nurture now is what’s going to stick in the minds of your audience for years! Keep what we mentioned above in mind and break ground on an awe-inspiring sign that launches your company into the modern age!

Choosing the Right Awning

When choosing the right awning for your business, you must consider its aesthetic appeal. This will be one of the first things that draw new customers into your establishment. You wouldn’t want it to be bland and unremarkable. In order to prevent this, try and put some thought and special details into your awning to make it truly stand out from the crowd. Below, you will find a few considerations to keep in mind if you plan on making your awning the star of the block!


Consider choosing an eye-catching shape. Instead of going with the more traditional look of a rectangularly shaped awning, consider going against the grain. An interesting shape can be extremely eye-catching. Try utilizing a dome shape in order to give your business a bit of a special touch. Customers will be charmed by your unique design and walk in right off the streets in order to experience the magic of your business.


Cool and whimsical colors can also add to the allure of your store. For instance, if you’re looking to attract customers to your ice cream shop, why not Go for whimsical colors to draw attention. decorate your fabric in a pink and white polka dot pattern?  Onlookers will think its delightful and small children will be dragging their parents in by their coattails. Consider the fact that sometimes people will judge a book by its cover or, a shop by its awning.


A Vinyl and Polyester composite is a great choice.Though natural materials may sound like a wonderful and environmentally friendly option, they do get damaged more often and therefore need to be replaced more frequently. If you’re looking for a material that is sure to stand up to extreme weather conditions and maintain its durability, then a vinyl and polyester composite is the right choice. This will show your company’s name off proudly whether in rain or shine.


Having an amazing awning may not seem like a big deal, but, it is! It could mean the difference between a boatload of customers and none at all. By choosing an amazing shape, bold and vibrant colors, and durable materials, you could put yourself on the right track to success. When it comes to your business’ image, don’t skimp on what matters most. Give your customers something enticing to look at! Your books will thank you!

Keeping Your Awning Clean and Pristine

Whether you use it to shield your house guests from the sun outside or invite prospective customers into your budding business, your custom awning is an inseparable part of your residential or commercial property. And just like any other important fixture in your building, your awning requires its fair share of attention and cleaning. But you can’t necessarily just hop up there and go to town with your vacuum now can you? Indeed, your awning calls for specialized attention. So where is one to start?

Fortunately enough, there are quite a few ways to ensure your awning remains in immaculate shape. All it takes is a little time, a routine schedule, and simple cleaning supplies! Read on for an abridged rundown of what you can expect when looking to clean off your property’s awnings!


The debris your awning protects you from doesn’t simply disappear. And while they may remain out of sight and out of mind, the branches, dirt, and cobwebs that remain on your awning or canopy can actually cause grime and stains to set in if they aren’t promptly removed. Fortunately, a simple routine brushing once a week can serve as the perfect check to this problem!

Be sure to use a soft bristle brush with an extendable handle to avoid damaging your awning and exerting extra stretching to reach those trouble spots. See if you can spot yourself an RV awning brush as these can deliver the reach and soft touch your canopy needs.


Much like flossing exists as the perfect complement to brushing to really flush out the bacteria in your teeth, a simple hosing down of your awning can help knock down all of the debris your brushing missed! Smaller and harder to reach particles can actually be rubbed deeper into your awning if you simply brush so be sure to follow up every brushing with a simple rinse down that will dislodge those peskier pieces of debris.


To some, the news that their awning calls for regular care can be a bit of a shock. More often than not, we’ve seen neglected awnings and canopies whose surfaces are absolutely caked with branches, stains, grime, and just about every other natural debris you can point a finger at. Of course, with these more severe cases, your average brush and rinse won’t do! You’re going to need a deeper clean to really wipe off those stains and revert that awning to its former glory. That’s where a deep wash can save the day!

Luckily enough, the process is rather easy. Start by mixing a batch of regular water in a bucket with a mild dish soap of your choice. Using your hose, wet your awning and then begin gently scrubbing the awning down with your dishwater solution. Once you’re confident you’ve reached every nook and cranny, rinse down the awning one last time and you’re bound to be blown away by just how clean that previously rancid fixture now looks! As a final precaution, let your awning dry completely before folding it away so mold and mildew aren’t given a chance to grow.


More often than not, your awning is going to be at the forefront of your store or in plain sight in your yard as you host guests and customers. The last thing any property owner wants is for the face of their building to invite any thoughts other than those of cleanliness and sanitation. Be sure to keep these cleaning processes we mentioned above and always leave your property looking its absolute best!

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